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Event Highlights

netlogx: Personal Branding Presentation - SBLA

Students learned how personal branding can help lead to career success. After a brief review of business card etiquette and proper business attire, Audrey Taylor, the CEO of netlogx, inc,. shared her success story with students, from her childhood in the United Kingdom to her recent aware as an IBJ Woman of Influence. She said leaving her comfort zone was an important key to her success.

John C. Adams Finance Institute

The John CAdams Finance Institute was dedicated in Esch Hall on Friday, September 27, 2019. The Institute transforms the student experience of studying finance at UIndy through national competitions, specialized research and collaborate opportunities. Adams, ’73 and a current trustee, was on hand with his family.

SMARI - Market Research Class Trip

Our class of 9 students and professor, Thomas Foley, visited SMARI offices on Oct 2, 2019 for a 2 hour presentation of their company and what they do in Market Research consulting. Their President, Katie Ittenbach, and Director of Marketing, Mike York made the presentations followed by a tour of their work offices..The students learned first-hand what constitutes real Market Research. At the end, students presented Smari with a pendant of Uindy for their wall.