Welcome Hounds!

The University of Indianapolis School of Business welcomes you to the Event Photos Catalog! If you recently attended a School of Business Event or have in the past, you can find all the photos from the event here. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!


Event Highlights

Personal Branding and Zoom Etiquette Presentation - SBLA

SBLA hosted a virtual event for students in the School of Business that highlighted the importance of personal branding. The evening began with a brief video presentation on Zoom etiquette. After this, Laura Sniadecki (the former owner of AG Maas) shared her story of purchasing and then running her own business. Laura described her experience as a woman in business and the events that led up to her eventually selling her company. The key takeaway from Laura's story was to never be afraid to take a chance.

Executive Round Table

The school of business identifies a group of high potential freshman and invites them to a special event. Using the Socratic method, students are engaged in a discussion of why the vocation of business make a substantially positive contribution to society. Dr. Matt Will facilitates the discussion and other student leaders manage and assist in the event.

Future Leaders Dinner

Each year the school of business identifies freshman who have already asserted themselves in a leadership role. These students are invited to a special dinner and networking event, where they have the opportunity to interact with faculty, staff and student leaders. The goal is to encourage students to reach their full potential and become the school of business student leaders of the future.